Session Information

I offer two different types of session.  The Basic Session starts at $50. I have a fully equipped studio with many different backdrops and props.  I can handle any type of session from a newborn baby to seniors to a large family. Also included in the Basic Session is my outdoor studio. I have several different areas on our 2+ acres from trees to an old rusty truck. We can get so many different looks in all seasons. These sessions typically last about an hour, but there is no set limit.

If you have your own location in mind, you want the Ultimate Session starting at $75. With this session we can go anywhere and still include the studio. If your location is over 25 miles from Conway mileage may be charged.

Proof books can be purchased. The books will be an addition $30 with the Basic Session and $50 with the Ultimate Session when purchased at the time of the session. Books ordered later and additional book will be slightly more.

Session prices include retouching, black and white conversion, and various other unique effects.  There is no limit on poses or outfits. Bring your car, pet, friend or family member.



Size Price Mounted
8 wallet  $10.00
4×6  $5.00
5×7  $7.50 $15.00
8×10  $15.00 $20.00
10×10  $15.00 $25.00
11×14  $30.00  $40.00
10×20  $50.00  $60.00
16×20  $65.00  $80.00
20×30  $130.00  $145.00



1 $20.00
5 $75.00
10 $100.00
20 $150.00
21-70 files
(Full Basic Session)
70+ files
(Full Ultimate Session)




All Digital Photos are high resolution files on a DVD with a print release.